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active-TV technology for PC
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New YouTube channel for DSM-520

Following recent changes in the way YouTube streams video, DSM-520 owners are reporting that they can no longer play YouTube videos.

Now there is a new YouTube TV-website for the DSM-520 which works with the latest YouTube video. A link to a 16x9 test version is provided here. This new channel is also available in the “TV-web channel” listings on the side of this page.

After downloading the file, extract all contents to the c:\ directory. The new “testing” channel will appear under TV menu “My Media & Programs”.

The new YouTube TV-web channel for the DSM-520 is completely different from any previous ones. It is fast loading and there is support for video search, Playlists, Subscriptions, Categories and Favorites (all of unlimited size). There is also flexible access to Standard video feeds. As an added feature, it is now simple to view any public videos of your YouTube friends. The 'info' key can be used to toggle on-off auto-pay of next video.

Please send feedback to, in the event further tweaks are required during the evaluation period. Or add comments to this blog entry.
(Note about prior versions: some bugs were reported by users, but all seems to be working with the current version.)
Daniel Mann


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