Active-TV Technology for iPhone and iPod touch

Active-TV Technology for iPhone and iPod touch
Navigate YouTube

Navigate YouTube available at iTunes App Sore

An easy to use iPhone and iPod touch App that enables both new and advanced YouTube users to get the best from YouTube.

Browse video Standard Feeds, Categories, Channels and Playlists. Then organize new videos into your own favorites and playlists. Make playlists private or public. Subscribe to other user's playlists and video collections for future viewing. Subscribe to videos matching search-words.

Look at publicly viewable favorite videos, playlists and subscriptions based on your YouTube friends, family and contacts. Send and receive video links with YouTube contacts via YouTube video messages.

Search for new videos tagged for your language or geographical region, using local keyboard. Explore for new videos via easy switching of user ID to the owner of interesting videos - then explore their world.

All actions are kept in sync with PC, Mac or Apple-TV access to YouTube. Available at Apple App Store.

active-TV technology for PC

active-TV technology for PC
Windows PC based home network

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pushing the Apple

Active-TV Ecosystem Developers,

Linked below is a long article on the new Apple TV box. Some of the key comments are: “A better bet, Swann said, is for cable and satellite television providers to upgrade their existing set-top boxes so that they can download material off the Internet, something that they have begun to do, albeit on a limited basis so far.”

Adding internet access to existing platforms is exactly the path being taken by active-TV technology. Like Apple TV, with active-TV technology the user can “wirelessly beam music, photos and videos … to your living room television”.

Another important comment is: “It doesn't work with clips that stream on YouTube”. As introduced, Apple TV is a relatively closed system. In the US, the cable company controls the channel choice. Apple TV expands living room choice to include internet content streamed or download from Apple. However, platforms supporting active-TV technology enable anyone to build a TV-web channel and offer it to the living room TV.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Apple and Tivo both delayed ?

Active-TV Ecosytem Developers,

Many expected Apple to showoff its living room box this week. Many also expected Tivo to have released its next generation box. And more expected to see ViiV ecosystem client boxes – what happened?

Other than what might happen with Bluray, it is clear that the living room is evolving to use a Hybrid-STB – enabling its interconnect with an Extended-PC. In the US retail market, this means a STB with ATSC, CableCard and IP-TV. I know ATSC and CableCard have many critics, but this is the best that can be done unless a deal is made with an established service provider.

Without access to embedded CA (conditional access protection), an Apple living room box might have a similar specification to the future Tivo Series 3 described below. Did Intel fail to get a ViiV Hybrid-STB running in time for CES? Active-TV colaborators demonstrated a very similar STB with an Extended-Notebook at CES last week. They started the Hybrid-STB approach early. It has taken time to get it all working, so they are very familiar with how hard it is to complete the necessary technical development.

The major differences now lie in how the TV User Interface will be supported. Apple say Front Row, Tivo say microbrowser (with Java projection). Active-TV technology is currently supporting Media Center Edition UI (or other projected PC-runtime UI).
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