Active-TV Technology for iPhone and iPod touch

Active-TV Technology for iPhone and iPod touch
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active-TV technology for PC

active-TV technology for PC
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Monday, September 11, 2006

If ViiV doesn't Extend, why not XTend ?

Active-TV Extended-PC Ecosystem Developers,

The strong trend for the STB moving in a hybrid-STB direction is further validated by NDS’ XTend PC software. The Xtend approach is clearly Extended-PC is style; And as the article states: it secures “the STB as the main consumption point”.

The NDS Xtend uses some of the active-TV elements. However, it is not clear how the UI is supported. I suspect it is more likely micro-browser than active-TV projected browser. All the articles states is: it is “based on anticipated [STB SOC] developments”.

For Xtend to gain acceptance it would have to go beyond familiar UPnP DMA operation – unless the target market is closed-garden service providers. An open micro-browser approach would depend on wide acceptance and use of a micro-browser standard and – which has not yet emerged.

Feedback, corrections and comments welcome.

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